What is CBT?

CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) is a type of talking therapy that helps you break the cycle of negative thinking by looking at your thoughts, feelings and behaviour.

A problem is generally considered to be triggered by an incident, event or a situation. For example, this could be being criticized at work, having an argument with a someone, attending to a wedding or other social function, or something else.  This can then lead to a response that be broken down into thoughts, feelings and behaviour.
Thoughts – What goes through your head at the time. e.g. I am not good enough, it is unfair, I can’t cope, etc.

Feelings – What physical sensations or emotions you experience. e.g. feeling tired, stomach tightening, anxiety, anger, etc.

Behaviour – What you actually do. e.g. avoid social contact, stay in bed, etc.

It is designed to work with presenting issues rather than examining issues that may be rooted in the past. It is generally considered to be

  • Relatively short term work
  • Practical
  • Breaks the problem in digestible parts to stop it from being overwhelming

How does it work?

In 6 to 24 sessions of 50 mins each, you will work with me to break down your problems into thoughts, feelings and behaviour. We will analyse and understand your thoughts, feelings and behaviours in turn to know which bits are unhelpful and how to change them to break the negative pattern of thinking to give you better quality of life.

There can be homework to do between sessions and we will be talking about it during the session. The effectiveness of the sessions and the process is reduced if the work is not completed. If you think you will struggle with the homework, then then this style of working may not completely suit you. We can discuss this at the session and plan the work accordingly.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is a very structured way of working and is clinically proven to produce good results but it needs your full co-operation and participation.

Can you guarantee results with CBT?

I don’t think any kind of therapy or therapist can make such a promise. Change occurs for a various number of reasons and is different for each person. What motivates the change is also different for each person. CBT is a tool to drive change and give you the skills to overcome your anxieties. It assumes that there is a desire to change in the person seeking such therapy. Without such desire, no change is possible.


The charge for each session is:
London: £60
Hampton: £50