I work with couples to help them improve their relationship.

Reasons for the rift

A number of reasons can lead to a drift in the relationship. This can be life changes, change in circumstances, polarised desires, diagnosis of a condition in one person, an affair, sexual difficulties or other reasons. Relationships that suffer from arguments, lack of communication and misunderstandings create unhappiness, loneliness and frustration. Feelings, thoughts and behaviour can become isolating as each person becomes more entrenched in their point of view.

How I can help you through Couple Counselling

I work with clients to help them overcome blocks, improve communication, understand each other and address some of the underlying issues around disagreements and arguments. As you begin to understand yourself and each other better the communication gets better, feelings of frustration and being misunderstood (or not understood) diminish and the relationship improves.

Speed of change in the relationship

The speed at which change takes place is determined by what each partner is able to commit to the process and each partner’s readiness for change. We agree a time and date that is suitable to you. We meet once a week initially and review after the first six sessions in how the therapy will progress.

I work with all kinds of couples. These can be mixed race, heterosexual, gay or lesbian couple from any background, race or community.


The charge for each session is:
London: £75
Hampton: £65