Individual Counselling

Getting to know yourself through individual therapy provides immense benefits in raising self-esteem, improving connections with other people and finding a better of coping with life changing events like bereavement, divorce and other things.

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Couples Counselling

For increasing arguments, communication problems, family issues, sexual problems, cultural problems, life changes or any other issues, couples therapy can help you improve your relationship and improve the quality of your life.

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Relationship Counselling

If you are struggling with good relationships at work or in your personal life then relationship counselling can help you. I help you look at your struggles, repetitive patterns and the reasons behind some of these problems.

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Anger & Stress Management

Anger and Stress reduce the quality of your personal and work life and you push away close to you. I help you look at the triggers and some of the underlying issues to improve the way you manage these two essential parts of the human emotional spectrum.

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Client Testimonials

Gurpreet supported our core artistic teams through the challenges of COVID-19 by facilitating peer support sessions. His supportive and integrative approach created a caring and open environment for sharing and facilitated an open dialogue on creative techniques to provoke thought, understanding and self-compassion. As a direct result of these sessions, we have made a regular commitment to scheduling in moments of mindfulness and sharing within our project team meetings and hope to continue this work in the future. We can't recommend or thank Gurpreet enough for his kindness and hard work.
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The (Stress Management) session was thoroughly enjoyed by all those that attended, and I think we all had at least one take away from the session if not more! Gurpreet presented the session in a way that could be easily understood by all using virtually no jargon approach. Gave us some simple ideas to reduce stress and introduced some new thinking strategies to help us along the way. Thank you Gurpreet for the wonderful presentation that you gave to the ARCC community yesterday and hope we can utilise more of your knowledge and expertise to support our community even further.

Gurpreet Singh

Gurpreet Singh

I work with individuals and couples, and have experience in working with clients from different backgrounds and cultures presenting a range of different issues.

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Why argue in relationships

Arguments are a natural part of any relationship. The absence of arguments is sometimes a bigger cause of concern. When working with couples in relationship counselling, I often find that a couple’s ability to resolve arguments becomes the criteria for predicting their relationship success. Understanding arguments – why they happen, how they happen and what

alcohol addiction

How alcohol addiction affects relationships

Alcohol use rarely starts out as an addiction. Use of alcohol mostly starts out on an experimental basis. You might go on to drink socially, to destress or to take the edge off at or during at the end of your workday, at celebrations or for a variety of different reasons. This kind of drinking

pornography addiction

Stages of Pornography Addiction

Pornography addiction or sex addiction are not officially recognised as a mental illness or disorder in American Psychiatric Association (DSM-5) or by WHO. Although the behaviour lacks a classification, it does not change the reality of the experience for those who suffer from it themselves or for those who see their loved ones go through


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