Individual Counselling

Getting to know yourself through individual therapy provides immense benefits in raising self-esteem, improving connections with other people and finding a better of coping with life changing events like bereavement, divorce and other things.

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Couples Counselling

For increasing arguments, communication problems, family issues, sexual problems, cultural problems, life changes or any other issues, couples therapy can help you improve your relationship and improve the quality of your life.

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Relationship Counselling

If you are struggling with good relationships at work or in your personal life then relationship counselling can help you. I help you look at your struggles, repetitive patterns and the reasons behind some of these problems.

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Anger & Stress Management

Anger and Stress reduce the quality of your personal and work life and you push away close to you. I help you look at the triggers and some of the underlying issues to improve the way you manage these two essential parts of the human emotional spectrum.

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Feeling Stuck?

Let's Work Through it Together

Feeling stuck can bring a sense of confusion, frustration and stagnation. Clarity becomes evasive. You want to become unstuck, move on but are unable to. And the inability to do so generates fear, anxiety and anger.

Maybe the relationship you are in does not make sense. Perhaps the job you seek or the life you seek seems evasive. Or perhaps you just need some clarity about the situation you find yourself in.

I can work with you to help you get clarity.

I am objective to your situation and can help you explore the clarity you seek. Through talking and some explorative activities, I can help you to become unstuck.  

Gurpreet Singh

I work with individuals and couples, and have experience in working with clients from different backgrounds and cultures presenting a range of different issues.

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